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On the Class II bingo-style games you find in a few tribal casinos, the end results are determined by your bingo draw. Your strategy doesn’t affect the outcome. Some players come to recognize the pattern and know what the result will be before they hit the draw button. I’m not one of them. It has been a number of years since I’ve played Class II games. The tribal casinos closest to my home have Class III slots and video poker — the same RNG-driven games you’d find in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or commercial casinos in most other jurisdictions. Should you find yourself in a casino that has Class II games, understand that each machine does not have its own RNG. Bingo numbers are drawn by a central processor, with results relayed to individual machines. Where can vacationers go to get a drink if Ocean City won’t serve ‘em? Ocean City is the kind of place where families come to make memories.

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